Life at
Infinity World School

At IWS, We recognize the importance to prepare students for an increasingly complex and inter-connected world, we provide them with new ways of thinking and new ways of collaborating in solving the most pressing global issues.

We make learning relevant and exciting for students, as we continually draw connections between what they learn in the classroom and the real world. Perhaps most importantly, we encourage our young people to reflect on their learning and to act on it in the service of others. They are taught that they need the right attitude and discipline to achieve success. We believe that learning should inform action and create impact.

At Infinity, We are digital citizens

We endeavor to use technology as a means of empowering students to think and act responsibly and ethically in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Digital citizenship, therefore, is taught across the curriculum. We integrate technology into classroom activities and the curriculum in order to provide rich and meaningful 21st-century learning experiences. A variety of devices, software applications, and web-based resources are used in effective, age-appropriate ways for students throughout each level of their learning. We are constantly investing in the infrastructure and a galaxy of online resources for knowledge and technology updates.

At IWS, We are social stewards

We encourage our students to be caring individuals who respect differences and are concerned for the well-being of others. We are dedicated to exemplifying values, responsibility, and effort. Our students are repeatedly reminded to be introspective stewards of the Earth’s resources. The school has quite a committed community outreach program aimed to support students to find their interests and encourage involvement in the school, local or global community to work to-wards making the world a better place. IWS Service in Action projects include:

  • Projects to encourage environmental stewardship.
  • Charity programs
  • Hosting special events to raise funds to help the unprivileged masses.
  • Supporting animal shelters and elderly homes